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Sports brand New Balance developed into a specialised shoe manufacture after operating from the early 1900s as a footwear arch support company in America. The company originally started in 1906 when young waiter William J. Riley designed and created arch supports to help relieve pain for people working on their feet all day. This business continued successfully for several years and during this time Riley developed a running shoe for the Boston running club. This shoe was extremely successful, and by 1941 New Balance was producing high quality sports shoes for running, baseball, basketball, tennis and boxing. The popular brand's trainers and shoes are designed and produced specifically to enhance your game, providing comfort and support. Whether you need a stylish pair of New Balance women's trainers to feel comfortable in when you are running your everyday errands, or a pair of women's sports shoes for jogging, the gym, tennis, make sure you choose New Balance for high performance and comfort.